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7 Sustainable Switches for New Mums

Sustainable Switches New Baby

Hey Mama, we heard you want to make a step towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Read on for seven sustainable switches that make a difference!

1. Disposable Wipes to Cloth Wipes

We all need wipes for nappy change time, but there is a simple switch you can make by using cloth wipes like the Cheeky Wipes range. Using cloth wipes will not only save you money, but also reduce how many wipes end up in landfill.

It can take up to 100 years for a disposable baby wipe to break down properly. If you think about how many wipes you use at nappy change time, and how many nappy changes are done per day, this adds up to large amount of wipes saved from landfill.

2. Disposable Nappies to Cloth Nappies

From newborn to toilet trained, the average child will go through a staggering 5,000-6,000 disposable nappies.  This results in approximately 800 million nappies ending up in Australian landfills each year.

Once in the ground, the plastic in the nappies can then take 200-500 years to break down! By comparison, modern cloth nappies can be used and washed multiple times and have been shown to have up to 40% less environmental impact than single use nappies. With the correct care they can even last to child number 2 and 3.

Washing cloth nappies is not complicated or icky either. There is the no need to soak cloth nappies before washing, dry-pailing is the new method to clean cloth nappies.

We love the My Little Gumnut range of cloth pocket nappies. They come with a waterproof cover and a five-layered Bamboo that will soak up any liquid, leaving the inner bamboo-fleece layer nice and dry against babies skin.

My Little Gumnut Cloth Nappies

3. Plastic Nappy Bags to Reusable Wet Bags

Instead of using single use plastic nappy bags, you can make an easy switch to a reusable wet bag. Handy and convenient, a water-resistant wet bag is ideal for use with cloth nappies, swimming gear or general purpose travel.

Made with a water-resistant material, they contain a single large pocket for convenience. The zip closure helps to keep wetness and smells effectively contained.

The carry handle has a push button clip so it can be hung from your stroller, change table, door handle etc.

4. Plastic Toys to Sustainable Toys

Plastic toys are convenient and cheap, but environmentalists say that they are contributing to the tonnes of rubbish ending up each year in landfill. A more eco-friendly option is to invest in sustainably made toys.

At Ecostork we love the Moover range of toys. Moover toys create safe, high quality wooden toys using sustainably sourced materials. They are committed to working towards a sustainable future.

By continuously improving their way of working, Moover can minimise their footprint and give children a happy childhood as well as a bright future.

Moover Wooden Toys

5. Plastic Pacifiers to Biodegradable Pacifiers

As with all plastic products, Plastics can take anywhere from 20 to 500 years to decompose, depending on the material and structure.

This is an alarming statistic as not only could plastic pacifiers end up in the ocean, but they can take hundreds of years to bread down, if at all.

A better alternative is to seek out a natural rubber pacifier. The Hevea pacifier range is 100% plastic free. These completely plant based pacifiers are made out of 100% natural rubber and they are biodegradable. You will have the most eco-friendly and completely non-toxic pacifier, when you choose Hevea.

6. Disposable Breast Pads to Cloth Breast Pads

Breastfeeding essentials include breast pads to absorb any leaks. Switching to cloth breast pads not only saves you money, but a cloth pad against your skin is softer and more comfortable than a disposable breast pad.

Cloth breast pads are reusable and easy to wash. We love the pretty My Little Gumnut designs for breastfeeding mums.

7. Fast Fashion to Ethical Fashion

When heading out of the house with bub, a nappy bag is essential to carry all the items you need for your outing.

At Ecostork, we love the Babymel eco range that has been made using recycled plastic bottles. The finished product is a totally recycled, BPA free material that is durable as well as planet friendly. This range of nappy bags and change mats helps the planet as well as with nappy changes.

Babymel Recycled Bottles Nappy Bags

We hope these 7 conscious living tips inspire you towards your eco-journey. Leave a comment and share your easy practical green tips for parents!


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