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What are the Benefits of using Cloth Nappies?

What are the Benefits of using Cloth Nappies? Read our latest blog post to find out more

One of the big decisions you need to make as a new parent, is what type of nappy to use for your baby. There are a number of factors that can affect your decision, and ultimately you need to choose what is right for you and your family. To help you with this decision, we have delved into some of the benefits of using cloth nappies.

Cost Savings

There are big cost savings to be made when you choose to use cloth nappies. Did you know that the average cost of using disposable nappies from newborn to toilet training is estimated around $4000? However, if you opt to use modern cloth nappies, the cost is calculated to be less than $1000 including laundering. That sounds like something worth investigating!

Once you have finished using your cloth nappies, there is the option to sell the nappies second hand. There is a big demand for second hand modern cloth nappies because they’re a quality item that is made to last and they hold their resale value. A lot of Mum's buy second hand cloth nappies to bulk up their stash at a budget friendly price.

Try Before You Buy

There are different types and brands of modern cloth nappies to choose from.

Some are made with adjustable snaps and others with velcro. It is ideal to try a few different brands to see what fits best on your baby.

There is also an option to hire cloth nappies from modern cloth nappy libraries, which is a cost effective way to try before you buy and see which styles are best suited to your baby. Once you’ve decided on your chosen brand, you can then feel confident to buy a larger quantity. It is a good idea to shop around as some retailers offer a saving when you buy in bulk.

Size Adjustable

One advantage of using a modern cloth nappy is the ability to adjust the fit and absorption for your baby. Most cloth nappies offer poppers or velcro closure, which allows you to tighten or loosen the fit around the body and in the height. This can be handy feature as you don't need to continually buy new nappies as your baby grows in size.

There is also many options to boost the nappy's absorbency by adding in additional inserts and boosters. Again this allows you to customise the nappy to suit your baby's needs.

Size Adjustable Modern Cloth Nappy


Did you know that a disposable nappy can take anywhere up to 400 years to completely break down in landfill? That statistic is mind boggling! It is hard to fathom how many disposable nappies end up in landfill each day. So if you choose to use cloth nappies, it is a good feeling to know you are helping the earth by reducing the number of nappies that end up in landfill. All while saving yourself some money.

Chemical Free

There are a number of nasty chemicals that can make their way into disposable nappy adhesives and glues, and it's certainly not what you want sitting against your baby's skin. Nappy brands are not required to disclose these harmful chemicals in their disposable nappies which makes it difficult to know what to buy as a consumer. This reason alone, can be compelling enough to make the switch to modern cloth nappies.


My Little Gumnut Cloth Nappy Prints

Variety of Prints

Ask any cloth bum Mum about their nappy stash, and most will tell you they love the range of prints. Cloth nappies are made in an array of bright and beautiful colours and prints, which can be mixed and matched with your bub's wardrobe. Once you get started, it can sometimes be hard to stop.

When you consider the financial benefits, along with the environmental advantages, it’s easy to see why modern cloth nappies are growing in popularity. Shop the Ecostork range of cloth nappies here.


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