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Top 10 Ways to Use Muslin Wraps

Cotton Muslin Wraps for Baby

Muslin Wraps are possibly the most versatile item you can use for your baby and they are something that you will soon discover you can’t live without. When it comes to a great multi-tasker, you won’t find anything more useful than the humble Muslin Wrap.

What is Muslin?

Muslin is a woven cotton cloth that is lightweight and soft. Due to the loose plain weave of Muslin fabric, it is breathable and light making it an extremely versatile fabric.

How Do I Use a Muslin Wrap?

At first, this lightweight square of fabric might not seem important, but ask any parent if they use a muslin wrap and you will no doubt hear a resounding yes. This must-have baby wrap will become an essential item in your nursery and when you are out and about with your baby.

1. Baby Swaddle

A baby is more likely to sleep and feel settled when they are warm and secure, giving them a similar feeling to when they were in the womb.  Swaddling your baby in a muslin wrap is ideal because it is breathable and lightweight, which helps your baby feel snug, without overheating.

2. Pram Cover

With the help of some pram clips, your Muslin Wrap can be used as a pram cover to help your baby sleep by blocking out outside distractions.  Attach the wrap to the overhead frame of the pram with the pram clips and allow the wrap to drape down over the sides. While the muslin wrap has a lightweight loose weave, ensure there is an opening that allows air to flow freely through the pram to prevent overheating. 

3. Breastfeeding Cover

If you are feeding while on the go, your Muslin Wrap is a great way to stop your baby from getting distracted by what’s going on around you.  Loosely drape the Muslin Wrap around your shoulders and neck while feeding your baby to create a shield.  Whilst your Muslin Wrap is lightweight and breathable, ensure there is an opening to allow air to flow through.

4. Change Mat

If you are out and about and need to change your baby, a muslin wrap can come in handy. Place the muslin wrap down on a flat surface to provide a clean space at change time.

5. Tummy Time Mat

We recommend always carrying a muslin wrap in your nappy bag to use for tummy time when you are out. Lay it on the floor and it provides a clean surface for your little one to lay on.

6. Lightweight blanket

Aside from swaddling, a muslin wrap is handy to use as an extra layer for your baby in the car or pram.  It can be doubled over to make a light blanket, to help bub feel snug and warm.

Baby Organic Cotton Muslin Wrap

7. Burp Cloth

Muslin is a soft and absorbent fabric, which makes it ideal to use as a burping cloth. Fold in half and place over your clothes while gently burping your baby.

8. Sun Shield in the Car

If it’s time for bub to take a nap while out on a car trip, you can tuck one edge of your muslin wrap into the top of the car window and allow the wrap to drape down on the inside of the window. This helps to provide a shield from the sun as well as the outside distractions.

9. Shopping Trolley Mat

Another versatile use for your muslin wrap is to provide a soft mat in a shopping trolley. Fold up the wrap and place in the shopping trolley seat, so that your baby has a clean, soft surface to sit on.

10. Photo Backdrop

With so many gorgeous prints available, your muslin cloth makes a beautiful backdrop for all those milestone baby photos. Style your bub for those insta-worthy snapshots, with the use of your muslin cloth as a styling prop.

As you can see, a muslin wrap is a versatile item that has endless uses for your baby. Take a look at our range of sustainably sourced organic cotton and bamboo muslin wraps that are soft and gentle on baby’s skin.  We recommend having 3 muslin wraps - one for the nursery, one for the nappy bag and one in the wash.  With so many beautiful prints to choose from, you will be sure to find something for bub.


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