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Top 5 Reasons Why Parents Love Baby Nests

Top 5 Reasons Why Parents Love Baby Nests

A baby nest, also called a baby lounger, is a versatile cocoon-like pod that makes everyday life a little easier when you have a newborn. Simply lay your baby in this soft and cosy nest for nap time, play time or anytime you need a portable, safe place for baby to rest. They are commonly used in the first few months of life and are quickly becoming a must-have item for new parents.

You may be wondering why would you use a babynest and do you really need one? Keep reading for our top 5 reasons why a baby nest is a valuable item to have for your baby.

Please Note: we recommend to always supervise your baby in a baby nest.


1. Versatile

A babynest is an item you are going to use daily and is the next best thing to your baby being held. You can keep your little one close by while they nap and this gives you hands-free time to do other things.

It's a great spot for baby to enjoy some play time, engaging with a play gym or some soft toysThe whole family can enjoy bonding time with the newest member who is safe and sound in the babynest. The soft elevated sides of the nest keeps your baby cosy and prevents them from rolling out.


2. Portable

Because a babynest is lightweight and portable, it means you can take it with you anytime you are out and about. Whether you are visiting a friend, having a picnic in the park or a trip to the beach, your babynest can be taken with you so that your baby always has a safe and snug place to nap or sleep allowing an uninterrupted sleep routine.


Bubnest Portable Baby Nest

3. Perfect for Travel

When travelling with a baby, it can be difficult to settle them for nap time. It helps to have some familiar surrounds to help your baby relax and sleep. At Ecostork, we love the Bubnest as it can be easily packed to take with you when you travel. Each Bubnest comes with a drawstring bag, making it a simple task to fold up and take it with you. Much easier than trying to carry a portable cot!


4. Cosy and Safe Space

It is important that your baby feels safe and cosy, and a baby nest can help to create this snug space for them to relax and nap. The soft padded surrounds of the nest including the raised sides, creates a cosy cocoon for your baby to enjoy. Release the adjustable tie as your baby grows and the babynest will fit your little one up to the age of 12 months.

The Bubnest range is ethically made in Australia from all organic materials – inside and out to ensure a healthy environment free from chemicals and toxins. Only the healthiest materials have been used, so it’s better for your baby and the environment.

The Bubnest mattress has been extensively tested and is compliant with AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 firmness for Infant Sleep Surfaces. The edges are low for maximum air circulation while still providing an edge for your little one to snuggle up against.

Please Note: we always recommend supervised naps in a baby nest. Safe sleeping guidelines only recommend for a baby to sleep unsupervised in a cot. Baby Nests are designed for baby to rest close to mum or dad so that you can enjoy some hands free time wherever you are and baby can rest in a familiar healthy space.

 Bubnest Baby Nests

5. Stylish Addition to Your Nursery

You may have spent time creating your dream nursery with the perfect colour palette for your newborn and a babynest will fit right in. Ecostork loves the extensive range of Bubnest colours and prints that will complement your home and nursery décor. Some designs in the Bubnest range are 2-in-1 with a print on one side and a plain colour on the other side, enabling you to flip the nest and use both sides.

They are available in two sizes: Standard or Moses. The Moses size is smaller in length and is designed to fit inside a Moses basket. The mattress has a 2.5cm thickness designed to be comfortable on any flat surface. 

Bubnests have a removable cover than be machine washed which makes cleaning a breeze. We recommend having a second cover, so that you have a spare cover when one is in the wash.




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