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Why the Leander Classic Cot is Exactly What You've Been Looking For

Why the Leander Classic Cot is Exactly What You've Been Looking For

Meet the Leander Classic™ Cot: its iconic curved design combined with high quality craftsmanship makes this the stand out cot that you’ve been looking for.

The Leander Classic™ Cot has a beautiful, oval shape that adds softness and elegance to your nursery. When it comes to cots, it pays to invest in a cot that has longevity and the Leander Classic™ Cot does not disappoint.

Leander Classic Cot

A notable feature of this cot design is the four different configurations that follow the development of your little one from baby to child. As your child grows and learns new skills, their needs change and it is important that their sleep space is able to change with them.

Four Leander Classic™ Cot Configurations:

  1. With the base in the high position the cot acts as the perfect starting place for your newborn.
  2. Once your baby is able to sit up independently, the cot base can be lowered down which provides the full height of the rails to protect your child.
  3. When your child grows and is able to stand and can walk, you can remove one rail side allowing your little one access in and out of the cot. The other high sides remain and add familiarity and a sense of security.
  4. The final stage is to remove the other rail side and both the top ends to create a small bed. The addition of an extension kit allows you to extend the bed to 150cm length, which suits most children of the age of 2-7 years old.

Leander Classic Cot Configurations

When making furniture, Leander selects materials with the utmost care, making sure they are durable, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. This Leander cot is made from European beech wood from sustainable forestry and is a strong, stable and flexible choice for their furniture range.

Leander Classic Cot Nursery


There is a choice of two mattresses to suit this classic cot – Comfort or Premium – both made by Europe’s top mattress manufacturer Traumeland. Both options offer optimal comfort and ventilation for your little one. The Classic Cot is available in two colour options of white or whitewash and there is a wide range of matching accessories available to complete your dreamy nursery space.

Leander design combines carefully thought-out functionality and uncompromising quality. Their furniture grows and moves with the child and can be passed on from generation to generation making this cot a sustainable choice for your little one’s nursery.


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